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Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors RPG

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Vampires infesting the mayoral office. Lycanthropes prowling the suburbs. Another kraken making its way upstate along the river. Crazed cultists masquerading as door­to­door religious nuts. Every one of them edging the world one more step toward the next demonic apocalypse.

In your line of work, that’s called Tuesday.

In Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors, you play the titular Demon Hunters, who are members of an ancient Brotherhood tasked with defending the world from the forces of darkness. Using magical spells, huge guns, mad science, and ninja skills, you and the others in your Brotherhood chapter respond to threats straight out of myths and legend, occasionally screwing up big time.

When creating a character, you decide what approaches to fighting bad guys are your strongest, and which are your weakest. You rank your expertise in various fields of Brotherhood lore and training, including the mystic arts, covert operations, or combat and tactics. Finally, you select a set of character­defining aspects and stunts that give you the edge you need in kicking demon butt.

Lock and load, baby.

This book — packed with tabletop roleplaying rules based on the Fate RPG system — has everything you need for playing Demon Hunters and creating badass adventures so they can strut their stuff. Produced as a result of a highly successful Kickstarter project, it’s got random charts, monster stats, examples, illustrations, page numbers, and a ton of fancy words. But best of all, it’s got you and your imagination to kick off one hell of a good time.

Dice not included.

The Long Story

Follow along with the Demon Hunters world with the Demon Hunters Comic.

Demon Hunters Web Comic

Chapter Omega Fifteen

GabrielGabriel used to lead Chapter Alpha One. It was the highest rank a Brotherhood field agent could hold.


But after the Vancouver Disaster, with most of his team either dead or missing, they stripped him of his command and kicked him out of the only life he’d ever known. Silent Jim found him, cleaned him up, and got him back on track. Together they built a new team from the castoffs that nobody else in the Brotherhood wanted. It’s been an uphill battle, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to claw his way back to the top.

Silent Jim

Silent JimSilent Jim is more archetype than man. Most agents don’t like working with him, citing "an ever-present sense of impending doom."


But he and Gabriel struck up an instant camaraderie, like they’d known each other for years. Fighting side by side, they’re an unstoppable team. Silent Jim was counted among the dead following the Vancouver Disaster. He’s since reappeared, giving no explanation for his absence, and nobody else is brave enough to ask about it. Some say it’s not the first time he’s pulled this resurrection trick. It probably won’t be the last, either.


WolfWolf is a war veteran. Of EVERY war. There isn’t a battle in recorded history that Wolf hasn’t fought in, escalated, or outright started.


There’s even a cave painting in France that depicts a pretty remarkable likeness of Wolf mowing down Neanderthals with a Gatling gun. The Brotherhood had long hoped to get Wolf signed on fulltime, but nobody wanted to work with him. He’s not what you’d call a "team player." Only Gabriel was foolish and desperate brave enough to give him a shot.


BijouThe Brotherhood’s top scientists and mystics have searched for an antidote to the zombie toxin for decades, but the most promising approach to a cure yet came from a civilian.


Dr. Bijou Labeaux’s doctoral dissertation on the zombie toxin was no less than a revelation, and the Brotherhood set her up with a cushy, state-of-the-art laboratory to continue her research. All that was left was to run her through the basic field combat exercises required of all new recruits. Once Bijou realized how fun fieldwork can be, she became obsessed. Every moment not spent toiling away in the lab was spent petitioning the higher-ups for a promotion to field agent. When Silent Jim showed up, she knew she’d finally made it. Now she’s out of the lab and ready to kick some ass.

Rigor Mortis

Rigor MortisShe awoke cuffed to a heavy metal table across from an elderly Scottish man with kind eyes and a wry smile. He offered her two things: a glass of synthetic blood, and an opportunity.


Come work for the Brotherhood. Use the powers she’d been cursed with to save others from monsters like the vampire who’d turned her. She liked the sound of that. It’s been an uphill battle. She hears the things they call her behind her back. Drac. Vlad. Blood-Chugger. Rigor Mortis...

Rigor Mortis.

She likes that one. Maybe she’ll keep it.

Jefferson Albrecht

AlbrechtThe Albrechts are known around the world as skilled and deadly hunters, and Jefferson Albrecht coasted through the Brotherhood Academy on his family’s reputation.


He hadn’t earned it, but he was given command of an Epsilon Chapter straight out of the academy. It got his team killed. He was the lone survivor of a werewolf attack he should have prevented. He got the antivirals in time to keep him from going full-wolf, but just barely. He hardly recognizes the angry, feral face in the mirror anymore. Unable to trust himself around other people, he retreated to a remote cabin in the forests of Montana until RM showed up to put him back to work. He’s not the leader anymore, but he figures it’s just a matter of time until Gabriel screws up big enough. All he has to do is wait.

Cipher-Mark III

Cipher Mark-IIIA Cipher is the most important tool in a Hunter’s arsenal. Not just a communication hub, it serves as a conduit to the vast stores of knowledge, history, and lore contained within the Brotherhood Database.


And it’s all wrapped up in a titanium chassis driven by synthetic musculature and covered with realistic, damage-resistant artificial skin. The real power is all in the Goggles. In the event that a Cipher’s chassis is destroyed, it can be reinstalled—with memories intact—by attaching the old Goggles to a new chassis. The Mark III Ciphers in particular were famous for their virtually indestructible Goggles. But nobody uses the Mark IIIs anymore. Not after what happened in Vancouver. And yet every time Gabriel requisitions a new one, they send him one of these obsolete pieces of crap. Someone in the Warehouse has a sick sense of humor

Chapter Sigma Seven
Alex Harkadian

HarkadianHarkadian traveled the world, searching for a cure. He studied under powerful mystics and read through ancient, forbidden volumes.


He found it. A cure for death. It brought back his sister, but she didn’t come alone. An entire cemetery full of corpses clawed their way out of their graves. They came back, but they came back wrong. Hungry. He had to put them all back down. And when his sister attacked his grandmother, he had to put her down again too. And when his grandmother changed, well... But there was no time to mourn. Whatever he’d done had lingered, and people don’t stop dying. They’d bury them by day, and he’d rebury them by night. Weeks passed before the Brotherhood found him and put an end to his grim vigil. He hasn’t given up on a finding a cure, but these days he’s more careful.

Tricia "Sparky" Carnacki

SparkySparky gets machines. They’ve just always made sense to her. It’s a trait that runs in her family.


Her grandfather, Thomas Carnacki, was a pioneer in the electrical arts, and put those talents to use as a ghost hunter for the Brotherhood (electricity has a nasty habit of not playing nice with ectoplasm). He passed away recently, leaving his estate to his granddaughter—along with his legacy. Adapting his turn of the century gadgetry for the modern world, Sparky’s put her technomantic talents to work, battling Evil and pwning n00bs for the Brotherhood.


ArmageddonThey were THE Doomsday contingency. The Brotherhood’s got a lot of those.


Built from scratch, a genetic cocktail of the best warriors on the planet cloned ten thousand times over. Super soldiers, programmed with the combined combat knowledge of five thousand years’ worth of Hunters and put on ice to await the apocalypse. And then some idiot turned off the wrong switch. Ten thousand identical soldiers waking up, knowing only how to kill monsters, coming face to face with nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine doppelgangers. They found her the next morning—beaten, scarred, and bloody, but alive. The only survivor of project Armageddon. They scrapped the whole thing and stuck her in basic training—a mere formality of course. Don’t worry, there are more contingency plans. Lots more.


NedIt’s rare for a recruit to die during basic training, but it happens. It’s unheard of for them to come back for a second try, but that happened too.


Thanks to some quick thinking on Harkadian’s part, a fist through the skull didn’t mark the end of Ned’s tenure with the Brotherhood. He’s back, and he’s better than ever! "Un"Ned is a much more useful asset in the field these days, now that he’s upgradeable with new, more lethal body parts. Not to mention he’s virtually unkillable. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still freaking NED. But now you can throw him at a monster to distract it without feeling too guilty about it. Don’t worry, he loves it! This is his destiny. His undead, patchwork destiny.

Ben "Gator" Bailey

GatorBen Bailey’s a fella who loves hisself a good scrap. The boy’s just a born brawler.


Don’t rightly matter if’n he’s punchin’ out drunks in a bar room slugfest, divin’ in the swamp to put a gator in a chokehold, or layin’ the smackdown on some bloodthirsty beastie from the pits of Hell. There ain’t no meanness in it—hell, ol’ Gator ain’t got a mean bone in his body. Like we said, the boy’s just a born brawler. Fell outta his mama with his fists clenched and he ain’t opened ‘em since.

Cipher-Mark IV

Cipher Mark-IVThe Mark IV Ciphers are a significant improvement over the old Mark IIIs.


In addition to the print-to-order custom chassis and fancy new slimline Goggles, the Mark IVs feature a wrist-mounted holographic display for mission briefing and intel delivery, and are packed with the latest Ciphertech package, allowing them to process database information at an exponentially faster rate. Despite these improvements, the Mark IVs are not without their critics. Some agents claim their Ciphers have developed behavioral quirks. Some attribute these strange and random behaviors to a simple software glitch, while others view it as the first signs of an emerging intelligence. Are the Ciphers becoming sentient?

Unrelated note, how would one go about clearing the browser history on a Cipher?

Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch

TreeEver since he popped out of the Oregon Vortex back in 1967, Tree has managed to stump (no pun intended) everyone in both Magic and Mad Science.


He is, at a genetic level, a perfectly normal Douglas fir. There’s no reason he should be walking around, but there he goes. Not knowing what else to do with him, the Brotherhood took him in and tried to find a place for him in the organization. This being a less enlightened time in the Brotherhood’s history, supernatural agents were still facing discrimination and exclusion by their fellow agents. With no chapter willing to take him on, Tree was assigned to Iota. There he has proved to be an expert at infiltration and espionage, and has used these skills to flush out traitors within the Brotherhood. Tree is a master of disguise and camouflage and can disappear in practically any environment. Within reason— I mean, he’s a friggin’ tree after all!

Kentucky Blue Clay

KBCKentucky’s good fortune fell right in his lap. Actually, that would have hurt a lot. It fell slightly in front and to the left of his lap, destroying his coffee table.


It was—well, used to be—a dude in a sweet-ass duster, clutching a shiny, slightly damaged device that turned out to be a time machine. Kentucky figured this guy wasn’t gonna miss either of those things, and set off on the adventure of several lifetimes. From the prehistoric past to the far-flung future, all of space-time is his playground. He’s never looked back. You play around with history long enough and you’re bound to attract some attention from the Brotherhood.

The Purple Ninja

Purple NinjaThe Purple Ninja. The greatest Demon Hunter of them all. He is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, draped in a violet gi. Some say a demon hides beneath that mask.


Others, a god made flesh. There are those who claim to have watched him die, only to have him reappear in a time of great need. Could he be a god? Or is he merely a mortal with incredible skills unlike any other? Only the Purple Ninja can say for sure, but he is not talking. Not about that, at least. He actually talks quite a lot for a supposedly silent assassin.

There is another theory. Some say that there’s a place on Earth that few men have had the honor of seeing. A secluded village, in an unmapped valley, high in the Himalayas. The Dojo Arigato: the secret training center for the Purple Ninja.

Kincaid McHarg

KincaidKincaid was a field agent back in the day. A master of Druidic magic, his skills were instrumental in shutting down the Hellgate during the Battle of Centralia.


Some say he single-handedly saved the world, but Kincaid’s having none of that. He’s always been a team player, which is why it pained him to have to leave the Chapter. The injuries he’d received during the battle were too severe. His days as a Hunter were over.

Today, Kincaid serves the Brotherhood as the North American Regional Director, in addition to his work as the Brotherhood Tribune - defender of diversity, tolerance, and equal rights for all Brotherhood agents. In his time as Tribune, recruitment of supernatural agents, once considered taboo, has become commonplace. His most recent success is the introduction of vampiric field agents in the Brotherhood. As for what’s next, he’s got some ideas. Some crazy ones. The Brotherhood may not be ready for a demonic Demon Hunter, but they’ll get there, and he’ll help them along.
He’s in no rush.

DG Game Night

The DG also typically play Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors on Google Hangouts the first Monday of the month.

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